Lukasz Bialy

Junior Full Stack Developer

with a background in vehicle repair, business and accounting


Project 1

Project 1

Simple 2D game created using JS and HTML Canvas. It was a solo project. The main concept of the project was to create a simple web browser game. I mainly focused on learning Object Oriented Programming and how the HTML Canvas works.

Project 1

Project 2

Basic React app using randomly generated APIs. It was a solo project. The goal of the project was to use free API and build React applications on it. I used news API and randomly generated user data API.

Project 1

Project 3

E-commerce website using MERN stack. It’s a group project of 3 people. I was responsible for the backend and functional part of the login and signup on the frontend. We used Jira to organise work between us.

Project 1

Project 4

Simple ToDo application done as a solo portfolio for my portfolio project. I used the design from as I wanted to focus on skills that I already learned throughout the course, especially on the frontend part of the project.

About Me

As the owner of a car repair business specialising in car diagnosis, I spent over 6 months searching for a small CRM solution for my company, but unfortunately, I couldn't find anything suitable. Fueled by a desire to create the solutions I need and help others who need applications like this, I have been self-teaching programming for over a year. Recently, I completed the Software Engineering Immersive Flex (SEI Flex) programming course at General Assembly, which has helped me to further develop my skills and knowledge.

In addition to programming, I have a passion for playing metal music on my guitar and gaming. I mostly enjoy multiplayer battle royale games and RPG games. These hobbies have helped me develop my focus, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills, which I believe are crucial in software development.

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Get in touch

If you have any questions or would like to work together, feel free to contact me using email or LinkedIn.